The National Cotton Association of Nigeria is an umbrella organization that brings together any Nigerian or group of Nigerians, Corporate bodies or organizations involved in the production, marketing, processing or exportation of cotton in Nigeria as well as textile manufacturing organizations.

The National Cotton Association of Nigeria is a registered association with Registration No:10600, established under the instrumentality of the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment, September 1997.

The objectives of the association, amongst other, include the following: –

  1.  To bring together all those involved in the production, processing, marketing, trading, commercial and development of cotton in Nigeria;
  2. To promote and protect the agricultural, industrial, commercial and allied business activities in connection with cotton in Nigeria;
  3. To promote, maintain and enhance high quality standard of cotton;
  4. To encourage increased production of cotton in Nigeria;
  5. To promote export of cotton;
  6. To promote, affiliate and cooperate with other national and international associations involved in cotton;
  7. To ensure that there is sufficient good quality seed for prompt distribution to farmers each year in liaison with government and other interested bodies;
  8. To assist research organizations to replace seeds with improved variety;
  9. To promote cotton farmers’ welfare and ensure that seed cotton price meets the expectation of the cotton farmers.